Stud Rider

Stud Rider


    Mega Win

    End in : 6 Hours



    Use 10 % Bonus Cash

    Min/Max Entries

    2/78480 Players

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Enjoy Stud Rider Game Online at Jagran Play

Do you wanna flex your riding skills? It's time to unleash your swagger stud & slay this trending game of Jagran Play! Stud Rider is a fun game to check out your riding & a Lil bit of flexing skills. The real world might throw obstacles of rain or storm to limit your riding. But in this virtual ride, you've got no one! Just collect fuel for your bike & lash out amazing stunts on rough tracks of Jagran Play's Stud Rider Game. What? Go ahead, hop on to your cool-ass ride & let the swag follow.

Simple Rules to play Stud Rider Game Online

1 - Manage to keep the bike stable over the humpy terrains.


2- Collect fuel tanks to continue the ride further.


3- If the fuel runs out in the bike, the game will be over.


4- Flex out backflips & front slips to jump over the humps.




Steps to play Stud Rider Game Online

1 - Go on a long ride and keep your fingers on the accelerator.


2 - Don’t forget to collect all the fuel tanks to keep riding the bike.


4 - Do as many flips as you can manage to score bonus points.

1 - Press on-screen accelerator button to move forward.


2 - Press on-screen left and right arrow keys to do back and front flips respectively.

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