Pocket Battle Royale

Pocket Battle Royale


Pocket Battle Royale, as the name suggests, it is a Battle Royal Game on Jagran Play that functions over a simple rule- The last player standing wins the game. No matter what levels or ammos arrive to challenge you over the course of distinct levels in Pocket Battle Royal Game. You keep the aim only ONE! Survive till the end. It has an amazing set of features that keep getting engaging & tempting as the levels rise. Whether it is about cyber trucks, unique weapon grades or buying different Rifles or Bazookas. This online game on Jagran Play gives you a complete experience of Battle Royal features even in lesser graphics. Even in the lowest internet speed you can proceed through this incredible online game to spark your fighter gaming senses back to normal. Without any further fuss, let's embark upon this Royal journey of gaming.

1. Avoid getting killed & be the last player standing.

2. Collect high profile weapons from the chests.

3. Fire over the contending players to survive.

4. Be aware of the green zone coming closer to the center.

5. Upgrade your weapons with the coins earned from different battles.


1. Click on the play button to start.

2. Drag over the directions you wish to navigate your player.

3. Tap over your player to fire over other opponents

4. Wait for some time over the chest to acquire its rewards.

5. You are offered with 10 life lines that you loose on every weapon hit from opponents

Screen Based Control

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