Lake Jump

Lake Jump


Lake Jump is a fun game where you have to test your prediction & trigonometry! Yes, Trigonometry had a use besides your Maths syllabus! You have to patiently assess your jump and increase it based on the upcoming pillars you have to land upon. Lets see how far you can go without falling into the lake! This is a fun online game that soothes your stress. You can enjoy the surreal blue world of this bird which seems to pass the lake through backflips!

1. Jump over the constantly emerging pillars to move ahead in the lake.

2. If you fall into the lake, the game will be over..

3. Pillars don’t always emerge at the same distance hence watch them carefully.

4. Even if you land at the edge of pillar it will be fine if you manage it in your next jump.

5. Don't let the blocks reach bottom otherwise you'll lose the game.


1. Click on the Play Button to Start.

2. Long press over your bird to set the aim of its pink aim.

3. Release as soon as your pink aim reaches the next platform.

4. The pink aim will disappear after four jumps hence make sure you assess its flip even in absence of pink aim.


Pro Tip: If possible try opting fast jumps to keep the bird’s jump in sync & don’t let it fall.

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