Kart Racer

Kart Racer


    Win Bonus Cash

    End in : 6 Hours



    Min/Max Entries

    2/2000 Players

    Joined : 25

    Mega Win

    End in : 6 Hours



    Use 10 % Bonus Cash

    Min/Max Entries

    2/7848 Players

    Joined : 0


Enjoy Kart Racer free Online Game on Jagran Play

Kart Racer is a game that gives you a fine dose of thrilling adventure. If you are looking for an easy way to spend your free time then Kart Racer is your champ to pick. Just a bit of focus and effective reflexes can even make you earn cash rewards on this free online game as well. Pay a small entry fee & win exciting cash rewards on every win. Note: You'll win cash rewards only if you reach the highest score of 600 points in the paid game.

**Note: To comply with legal guidelines of the Indian Government, Geo-Location Access is Mandatory for all Cash Games on Jagran Play

Rules to play Kart Racer Online Game

1 - The player only gets one life to lead the race.


2 - Jump over the track to avoid falling down within the gaps of racing tracks.


3 - Avoid all kinds of pointy bumps on the road otherwise your Kart will crash.

How to Play Kart Racer Game Online

1 - Tap on the 'arrows' on-screen buttons to navigate your Kart in the left or right direction.


2- Avoid the gaps between tracks by pushing the 'jump' on-screen button to keep going.


3 - Keep a focused view & fast reflex to make up for the finish line.

Understand Game Controls of Kart Racer Game

1 - Press the right button to move the Kart in the right direction.


2 - Press the left button to move the Kart in the left direction.


3 - Press the jump button to make the Kart jump over the track gaps.

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