Gym Stack

Gym Stack


Gym Stack is a hard-core 3D puzzle match game on Jagran Play. Don’t worry, you don’t have to work out to play this game. Though you can if you like! Stretch your mental muscles to become the ultimate gym stack rat with this fun online game. You can introduce this to your friends too. Just keep matching the similar weights & make sure you manage them proportionately. Gym Stack is one of the best time killing game that you can play even if you wish to invest “zero” percent of mind’s capability. What else do you need? Go ahead, try it now.

1. You have to balance & merge the weights on the Gym Stacks.

2. Higher the weights you create from merging higher will be your score.

3. Stacking same numbered weights will merge together to become one weight of higher number.

4. Maintain a streak of same numbered weights will lead to extra bonus star rewards.

5. Don't let all the rods fill with differently numbered weights. It will leave no space for further weights to arrive.

1. Click on the Play Button to Start.

2. Drag the upcoming weights onto the rods you wish to stack.

3. Stack similar colored weights over each other to merge them together.

4. You can either destory or a blue colored weight arrives that cancels out all your stacks.

5. Carefully match the similar colored weights over the rod to always leave space for new ones.


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