Go Bowling

Go Bowling


    Mega Contest

    End in : 10 Hours



    Use 10 % Bonus Cash

    Min/Max Entries

    2/3125 Players

    Joined : 0

    Winner Takes All

    End in : 10 Hours



    Min/Max Entries

    3/4000 Players

    Joined : 0

    Win Bonus Cash

    End in : 10 Hours



    Min/Max Entries

    2/2000 Players

    Joined : 1


Bowling is a fun sport, but not everytime you can manage to go out & have a bowling break, right? How'bout you Go Bowling with Jagran Play right here. No more removing shoes or polishing up the ball. Try this fun online game where you can get the experience of bowling, all at your fingertips. Just set your target & intensity for the ball. Viola! You are ready to Bowl the shots buddy. You can aslo invite your friends to explore this cozy online game on Jagran Play & have an indoor sports party. Let's get ready to Bowl then!

1. Hit the ball in the target's center to score +3(highest). 2. Avoid missing the target as you only get 3 life lines to cover for missed shots. 3. Hitting the edges of the target also rewards you +1 poitns.

1 - Click on the Play Button to Start. 2 - Drag in the opposite direction of the on-screen arrow over the ball. 3 - Set the intensity & direction of the kick & release the drag over ball. Pro Tip: Guage the target's constant movement & guess the coming position of target to score a perfect +3 score kick.

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