Car Drift

Car Drift


Car Drift is a one-shot solution to your small breaks amidst work. It might seem like a game of speed & friction. But you also have to be very patient while drifting your car over the turns. This trending game of Jagran Play tests your racing skills & tolerance at the same time. Drive on the racing track to complete the laps avoiding any collision. Are you ready to drift along some fiery racing laps then? Let's dive right in!

1 - Press & Hold your car to change its direction.

2 - Complete the racing laps to score points.

3- You only get one life; hence a single car collision will make you lose the game.

4- The turns will only move in an inward direction, therefore navigate your car accordingly.

1 - Press the Play button to start the Car Drift game of Jagran Play.

2 - Press and hold the car to make it drift.

Screen-Based Controls (Touch the screen to drift the Car)

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