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Enjoy an exciting Street Basketball game from Jagran Play Premium series. Aim your shot & shoot! It’s a great game to pass your free time & make some real cash. You can check out your dunking skills and increase your chances of winning in the unpaid version. Then, get ready to pocket some real cash with a fantastic paid game having a minimal entry cost. Seems not a bad deal, after all. So, what are you waiting for, slip in your best sneakers & start slaying some shots? Note: You'll win the cash rewards only if you reach the highest score of 5000 points in the paid game.

**Note: To comply with legal guidelines of the Indian Government, Geo-Location Access is Mandatory for all Cash Games on Jagran Play.

1 - Score the ball in the basket before the time runs out.


2 - The user can bounce the ball multiple times within the air to dunk in the ball.


3 - The game will be over if the user fails to score the ball in the basket within the provided time.

1 - Tap on the screen to bounce the ball and get it scored before the time runs out.


2 - The ball can bounce across the screen so the user will get multiple chances to score in the given time.

Tap on screen to make the ball bounce.

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