Ludo Superstar

Ludo Superstar


Ludo Superstar - Ludo Game Online to Enjoy with Friends & Family

Ludo Superstar is a classic board game on Jagran Play that you can play for free with your friends. It is a multiplayer game in which maximum 4 players can participate at a time. Go ahead and share this free-to-play online game with your chilling buddies & have a nice hang-out party with Ludo Superstar.  Ludo never bores you out as the twists & turns of players & its path itself are incredibly adventurous. So try it out & tell us did your friends liked it.



Follow these simple rules to play Ludo Superstar Game Online

1. Player begins with 4 pieces of the same color in a corner.

2. You have to roll a 6 to move out of your base.

3. Roll the dice to start moving your pieces on the main track.

4. You get an extra chance to roll every time you get a 6 or beat an opponent’s piece.

5. Bring back your pieces into your home column after going around the board.

6. Whoever brings all 4 pieces to the finishing square first wins the game.


1 - Click on the Play Button to Start.

2 -Roll a 6 on dice to move your pieces out of your base.

3- Further, Roll the die every time to move a piece across the board.

4- Move your pieces into your home column after going across the board.

5- Roll the exact number on the dice to get pieces into the finishing square.

6- Win the game by moving all 4 of your pieces to the finishing square.

Pro Tip: Save yourself from the opponent’s piece by moving two or more pieces in the same space or you can also land your piece on safe marked spaces.



Touch Based Control

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