Ludo Superstar

Ludo Superstar


Check out this action adventure of Karate game on Jagran Play without any extra charges. Explore the world of sleek moves & fast-paced punches right at your fingertips. Karate is a perfect game for all action freaks out there! Whether you wish a casual time break or a rejuvenating gameplay, Karate game can be your all time cure. Share this exciting online game on Jagran Play with your friends & have more fun. Afterall , what's the fun in taking down enemies alone right? Check it out  now!

1. Reach all your four tokens  at the central house first.

2. Keep track of your token form getting notched down by other players.

3. Roll the dice to get the number of steps your token moves over the Ludo track.

4. First release of tokens begins when you score '6' on your dice.

1 - Click on the Play Button to Start. 2 - Tap on the dice to roll it up. 3 - Keep a close watch over your opponent's tokens.

Touch Based Control

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