Traffic Car Rush

Traffic Car Rush


    Traffic Car Rush is a thrilling online racing game where users can show off his/her driving skills. We all are afraid of speed driving on roads in real life but in Traffic Car Rush, there’s no speed limit. So warm up the engine, go on full throttle and get ready for an exciting race like never before.

    1 - Try to avoid the bumpy road as it may lead to the spinning of the car.


    2 - The user will get 3 lives to play a game.


    3 - One life will be deducted if the player bumps into another car

    1 - Login to Jagran Play and Start playing Traffic Car Rush.


    2 - The user can select whether he/she wants to play the game in Solo Mode or Online Mode.


    3 - After selecting the solo mode, select the car of your preference.


    4 - After selecting the car, select the track of your preference and the game will start to play.


    5 - If the user chooses to play in Multiplayer mode then tap Online in the home menu.


    6 - Select your car of preference.


    7 - Select your track of preference.


    8 - Select between three options, i.e.Random, Create Room and Join Room.


    9 - In Random Mode, the system will automatically decide the opponent for the user.


    10 - In Create Room, the player can invite his/her friends by sharing the unique code.


    11 - In the Join room, the user has to enter the room code and he/she can join the contest.


    12 - Once the game starts, touch and slide on your screen to move the car from right and left.

    Touch and slide on your mobile screen to move the car from right to left.

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