Tennis Quiz is one of the rare sports quizzes that has a very selective audience on Jagran Play. There aren't much people who enjoy the following Tennis though it is an adventurous sport once you dwell in! Yet the Tennis geeks who are crazy about it, never seem to lose any of its important matches. Let's see how much of a die-hard fan you are when it comes to Tennis. This free online quiz on Jagran Play also checks out your general trivia related to Tennis, so be ready for that! You can have more fun with this game during short breaks with your sports training buddies. Let's see how much you love Tennis. 

    1. Tennis Quiz gives you 10 unique questions to answer.


    2. Questions are in the form of MCQs i.e. You have to select one correct answer out of 4 options.


    3. Each question has a time limit of 10 sec under which you should choose one option.


    4. Each Correct Answer will add +1 to your score while each wrong answer will deduct -1

    1. Click on the Play button to start Tennis Quiz


    2. Quickly pick one correct answer from the given options.


    3. Complete answering 10 questions of this Jagran Play Quiz.


    4. Your Final Score will be displayed at the end.

    Touch Based Controls

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