Slogan Quiz on Jagran Play is a fun revamp of those catchy taglines which we all memorized in our childhood. If you remember slogans like I'm lovin' it Para Pa Pa Pa! or Just Do it! Then hop over this ride of free online Slogan quiz on Jagran Play. It allows you to explore interesting questions in the form of a fun Quiz.  Rewind your memory & keep it sharp through these amazing quiz games. You can play this with your office friends amidst those short breaks to freshen up your mind & soul. Without any further explanation just tap on the "play button" below & start honing your memory right away.

    1. Slogans Quiz gives you 10 unique questions to answer.


    2. Each question has a timer of 10 sec under which you should answer.


    3. Questions are in the form of MCQs i.e. You have to select one correct answer out of 4 options.


    4. Each correct answer rewards +1 whereas each wrong answer deducts -1 from the complete score.


    1. Click on the Play button to start the Slogans Quiz.


    2. Quickly pick one correct answer from the given options.


    3. Complete answering 10 questions of this Jagran Play Quiz.


    4. Your Final Score will be displayed at the end.

    Screen-Based Controls (Just Click over the Correct Option)

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