Niyati Fatnani Video Quiz

Niyati Fatnani Video Quiz


    Play this Bollywood-Licious quiz with Niyati Fatnani, a famous actress. You'd might remember her from TV dramas like Nazar: Kahani Ab Tak & many more. Don't worry she won't scare you off with her dramatic looks from the TV serials. She has a very nice & calm voice which you'd enjoy while answering the dynamic questions of this free online quiz on Jagran Play. Let's find out how much you know about Bollywood movies, TV dramas & entertainment trivia. We bring you all the trending quizzes for your entertainment. You just have to hit the 'play button' & start your adventure!

    1. Niyati Fatnani Video Quiz gives you 2 unique questions in each segment.


    2. Questions are in the form of MCQs meaning You have to select one answer out of 4 given options.


    3. Each question of the Niyati Fatnani Video Quiz has a time limit of 10 sec under which you should answer, otherwise you'll lose the game.

    1. Click on the Play button to start Niyati Fatnani Video Quiz on Jagran Play


    2. Click one answer from the given four options to move further in the game.


    3. Keep track of the timer, because if you exceed the time limit then you'll lose the game.


    4. Once you answer all the questions of Niyati Fatnani Video Quiz, your final scores are displayed at the end.

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