Movie Trivia

Movie Trivia


Unleash Your Movie Addict! With the Movie Trivia Quiz on Jagran Play Games. It is all about your love of the movies, its dialogues, its creators & every little detail that people miss but you 'always' bother to remember. It's a fun quiz stacked with excellent Bollywood trivia questions that test your memory & passion for movies. Jagran Play’s Movie Trivia Quiz can be played at your housewarming parties or all-nighters with your friends. In fact, it is one of the best ice-breaker games to play with strangers. You might not agree on politics but there’s always common ground when it comes to Bollywood movies after all! What are you waiting for then? Try it Now.

1. Movie Trivia Quiz gives you 10 unique questions to answer.


2. Questions are in the form of MCQs i.e. You have to select one correct answer out of 4 options.


3. Each question has a time limit of 10 sec under which you should answer.


1. Click on the Play button to start Movie Trivia Quiz


2. Quickly pick one correct answer from the given options.


3. Complete answering 10 questions of this Jagran Play Quiz.


4. Your Final Score will be displayed at the end.

Screen-Based Controls (Just Click over the Correct Option)

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