Kaun Banega Champ

Kaun Banega Champ


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Kaun Banega Champ Quiz is one of the best Quiz games to churn out all your general knowledge about the world. It spills out some of the most unique sets of questions rewarding you with dazzling coins. You can play this solo or allow your children to have a little contest over this exciting free-to-play online quiz. You can also take the help of lifelines offered during the quiz that allows you either skip the hard questions, take a 50-50 chance between two answers, get a probability test from the public or take help from an expert. Altogether Kaun Banega Champ transforms your boring days into a thriller adventure filled with all kinds of questions that you observe all throughout the day here-n-there. Without any further bragging, let's get straight into this championship then!

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Game Rules to Play Kaun Banega Champ Online Game

1 - Click the correct option out of the 4 options.

2 - On Completion of 1st Round consisting of 5 questions, you'll win 7,500 coins.

3 - On Completion of 2nd Round consisting of 5 questions, you'll win 27,500 coins.

4 - On Completion of Final Round consisting of 6 questions, the player gets 1,00,000 coins.

5 - If a player quits the contest in between then, the player receives coins earned till the last Round.

6 - Player also gets 4 lifelines that can be used until the final round.

7 - Each question has 30 sec to answer.



How to Play Kaun Banega Champ Quiz Game

1. Click on the Play button to start Kuan Banega Champ Quiz


2. Quickly pick one correct answer from the given options in under 30 sec.


3. Complete answering questions of this Jagran Play Quiz.


4. Your Final Score coins will be displayed at the end.

Screen Based Controls

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