Give your brain a Lil swoosh of mathematical adventure in this exciting game of 2048 featured in Jagran Play Premium series. As two identical tiles match, they'll merge to form another tile that will carry the sum of previous tiles. It goes without saying that the more you do this, the higher the tile numbers will succeed and you'll have to tackle it with a packed board. Getting to 2048 before the board is completely full is the ultimate goal.



    1 - You can move the tiles in four free directions involving left, right, up, and down.


    2 - Matching the similar will result in a third tile carrying the sum of the previous two.


    3 - With each step, a low number, like a 2 or 4, will randomly slide down your tray in different locations.


    4 - As the game progresses, your board fills up more quickly and makes it harder to shift the rows.

    1 - Keep a close watch on the organization of tiles. As, you won't get very far in the game if you randomly merged the tiles.


    2 - Every time a random number will slide down in the blank space. Therefore, be prepared top have control over the area if these tiles emerge.


    3 - In 2048, you can easily spot the trends, hence leverage this movement to create a longer chain for reaching the ultimate 2048 tile!

    Touch and swipe on screen to move the numbers.

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