Tiles of Egypt

Tiles of Egypt


In Tiles of Egypt, game on Jagran Play your goal is to match at least 3 of the same tiles to remove them from the handling set. This online gaming takes you throug a journey of long  Gyza pyramids & more. For anyone who wishes to experience native touch of ancient Egypt can easily enjoy this game at the comfort of their homes. Next time when you friends demand an addictive game, refer this. It is surlely a nice, engaging & thriller games. Everyday there are lot of tasks & burdens to carry. Just give yourself  a break for some minutes & enjoy the ride of Egyt. 

1. You can only remove tiles that are considered open.

2. Match 3 of the same tiles to remove them.

3. Its holding area can house up to 7 tiles.

4. You have to clear the entire stack to complete the level.

5. If your hand is filled with 7 tiles, you lose the level.

1. Click on the play button to start.

2. Tap the identical tile to match them with 3.

4. Tap the highlights tile to finish the level.

4. Each group of 3 tiles is worth 50 points.

5. In case the stack area is full, you can play that level again. 

Screen Based Control

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