Stars Aligned

Stars Aligned


Stars Aligned is a casual game of Jagran Play that challenges you to connect similar sets of stars together. No wonder, stars are amongst the mysterious bodies of our planet. And matching up their combination can be another thrilling journey that you don't wish to miss. It is one of the easiest game on Jagran Play that anyone can enjoy in their free time. Join up the brightest stars who are looking similar in such a way that none of the paths intersect with each other. This game surely demands a set of smartness & fun to slay all its gaming levels. Challenge your friends to reach the highest levels in least amount of time on Stars Aligned & let's see who becomes the 'ultimate Pro' of this Jagran Play game?

1. Match the similar colored Diwali Lights .

2. There is no time limit but its better you complete the levels in least amount of moves.

3. Once you complete connecting similar Diwali Lights you’ll be promoted to next level.

4. There are no extra lives but the game isn’t over until you push back hence there’s no need.

5. Drag over the already connected Diwali Lights to undo the connection.

1. Click on the Play Button to Start.

2. Drag over your screen to connect the similar Diwali lights.

3. There are no diagonal connections allowed hence avoid it.

4. If you get stuck anywhere with no paths to connect, just drag over the already connected lines.

5. It will undo the connection making way for your Diwali Lights to connect properly.

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