Pin the UFO

Pin the UFO


Get a chance to become the savious of cute little alien cubs who wish to go home You just have to pull out some needles to make them fall staright into the spaceship! For those who love outlandish Jagran Play games, this is the best choice to begin your journey in gaming. If you wish to add a little drama to it, you can buy different pins. Just Pin the UFO to your top game's priority. As this Jagran Play game will always detonate your stress & tension with a thrilling puzzle to solve. You can share it amongst your friends to have a little challenge over who wins maximum levels in least amount of time. It can be super fun!

1. You have to pull out the pins & get all the aliens onto the spaceship.

2. Avoid the bombs as they blast & blow out all the progress made till the last move.

3. Make sure you wake the slept aliens otherwise they won't be able to board the ship.

4. Make sure you don't slide aliens into the bombing zone.

5. Pin the UFO reaches to higher levels & more complex puzzels as the levels rise.

1. Click on the Play Button to Start.

2. Choose the pin you wish to solve in Pin the UFO game.

3. Wake Up the sleeping aliens my mixing them with colorful or awake aliens.


Pro Tip: In case of more than two bombs in a puzzel try sliding the at the same place, to blast each other eventually making safe way for the aliens to board spaceshi

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