Greedy Monkey

Greedy Monkey


Greedy Monkey is an endless dose of adventure & addictiveness mixed together on Jagran Play. Enjoy the life of monkeys while jumping & running on the branches, grabbing their super favorite bananas, it leads the way further. The more you collect the bananas, the higher your score will be. Be aware of the branches right after the bananas! Monkey will slam into these branches & you’ll lose the game.


**Note: You'll win cash rewards only if you score more than 1200 points in the paid game.

1. Each banana increases your score by 3.


2. The more You Cover the Distance, the higher you'll score.


3. Be careful! of the branches, once you crash into them, you’ll lose the game.

1. Tap on the Play button.


2. Tap on either side of the screen to shift the direction of Monkey.


3. Dodge the branches to keep running.

Screen Based Controls.

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