Candy World

Candy World


    Win Bonus Cash

    End in : 6 Hours



    Min/Max Entries

    2/2000 Players

    Joined : 13

    Mega Win

    End in : 6 Hours



    Use 10 % Bonus Cash

    Min/Max Entries

    2/7848 Players

    Joined : 0


Play Candy World Game Online on Jagran Play

Candy World is a delicious game of Jagran Play Premium series. Its for the candy connoisseurs who smash out all the similar sparkling candies till the end. Now this skill can even earn you some real cash! Try crushing these colorful gems over Candy World paid entry contest. With a minimal charge, you can make your money grow, just by playing your favorite game. Isn't that amazing? Unleash your candy cravings & start crunching some candies now! and make sure you don't make it your sweet addiction, as there's no way back from it.

**Note: To comply with legal guidelines of the Indian Government, Geo-Location Access is Mandatory for all Cash Games on Jagran Play



Rules to play Candy World Game Online

1- You have to match similar candies out of the mixed candy tray.

2- A candy combination must have at least 3 or more candies.

3- Try to make the longest candy combinations to reach a higher score before time runs out.

4- Combination can be formed in all directions, call it diagonal, horizontal, vertical zig-zag, etc.


How to play Online Candy World Game

1- Drag over, look-alike candies in one go to crush them together.


2 - Be aware of the time as the more combinations you’ll make, the more time you’ll get to play the game.

Touch and slide on the screen to select the look-like candies.

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