99 Balls 3D

99 Balls 3D


    Enjoy 99 Balls 3D Game Online on Jagran Play

    If you enjoy aim & planning, then 99Balls 3D is a perfect Jagran Play game for you to play. In 99Balls 3D on Jagran Play, you have to avoid any ball reaching the bottom. Shoot them down & keep collecting extra bonuses. That's it! This simple game will keep you beautifully occupied. So, be aware of this super addictive & engaging online game on Jagran Play that makes sure you enjoy your breaks delightfully.

    Simple Rules to Play 99 Balls 3D Online Game

    1. Smash down all the numbered blocks with your White Striker Ball.

    2. The numbers on block represent the amount of hits they'll need to vanish.

    3. Collect +1 titled White balls to increase your striking capacity in this game of Jagran Play

    4. Collect exciting bonuses in the form of 'stars' to unlock new styles of striker balls.

    5. Don't let the blocks reach bottom otherwise you'll lose the game.

    Learn How To Play 99 Balls 3D game online

    1 - Click on the Play Button to Start.

    2 - Drag over your screen to set the aim of White Striker Ball.

    3 - Once you set the target, set your striker ball free & it will continue its destruction.


    Pro Tip: If possible aim towards the space between blocks. The ball gets stuck in space & keeps repelling till all the blocks are broken.

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