Scooter Xtreme

Scooter Xtreme


For all the racing geeks out there, Scooter Xtreme is one of the best games on Jagran Play that ensures all your racing urges are met on time! You get to race, utilise Nitro, collect coins, flex a cool flip & many more moves in this awesome online racing game. Share it with your racing friends who'd love to go on a thriller ride of riding adventure. It can be super addictive, hence make sure you are hooked to this scootes but not for too long. Scooter Xtreme is a fabulous game to introduce amongst your office buddies & enjoy little bets over the lunches through this fun online game on Jagran Play.

1. Collect maximum coins & finish the scooter race on time.

2. Avoid hitting the road blocks, other vehicles or flipping incorrectly it will end the game.

3. There are no life lines provided in Scooter Xtreme.

4. Utilise the on-screen nitro feature to increase scooter speed in the game.

1. Click on the play button to start.

2. Drag in left or right direction for navigating the scooter across the road.

3. Tap & Leave to flip the scooter mid-Air

4. To pull breaks drag backward or just pull away the touch from screen.

Screen Based Control

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