Ram The Yoddha

Ram The Yoddha


    Enjoy Ram the Yodha Game Online with friends and family at Jagran Play

    Let's relive the classic Ramayana and see how good triumphs over evil. In the game Ram the Yoddha, the animated Lord Rama, returns to use his unique Headshot to eliminate all of the Asuras and Ravana. As Lord Ram completes his exile, sharpen your aim and slay all the demons and Asuras prowling the jungle.

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    Follow these simple rules to play Ram the Yodha Game Online

    1- You need to save your bows as you have only limited bows to kill the demons.


    2- You need to kill different demons which will appear on the screen.


    3- Each demon has different points which you can get by killing them.

    Follow these easy steps to play Ram The Yodha Game Online

    1 - Aim for the headshot to kill the asur in one arrow.


    2 - The shot has to be taken in the given time. The timer is around 5 secs for each shot.


    3 - If you shoot the special floating arrows then you will get extra power and arrows.


    4 - You have to drag the bows and release them to kill demons.

    Touch and drag on your mobile screen to aim and release the bows.

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