Merge Heroes

Merge Heroes


Merge Heroes is a powerful defending game on Jagran Play that tests your defensive & offensive skills. Through a series of enemy trails who march over the path to destroy you castle you have to manage your units in such a way that they imply maximum damage to the enemy & doesn't die while fighting. To aid you mission of defence, game also provides you extra features of freezing & firing up the enemies quickly. You can get hooked to this thrilling game very easily. That's why we would say 'play with care'. Let your friends know about adventure. Let's see how good they perform.

1. Four types of heros defend the castle.

2. Choose a random hero & merge it with other units to create a stronger hero.

3. Upgrade the hero spawner to get higher level of heroes.

4. Merge heroes in such a way that they offer 50% damage bonus.

5. Destroy heroes that are not relevant anymore by dragging them into the bin.

1 - Click on the Play Button to Start.

2 - Drag & Drop your hero at the desired location to have maximum attack over the enemy

3 - Utilise on-screen freeze & fire features based on your necessities as they time to renew.

4 - Tap over the hero to attack the enemy through hero's weapon.


Pro Tip: If possible try destroying half of the life of enemies when they come out of the dungeons

Screen Based Control

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