Knife Fling

Knife Fling


Bored and Seeking a game for time-kill?

Knife Fling is simple, fun and very addictive game. The game is loaded up with simple goal where is to hit and stab up the revolving different fruits darts: Cupcake, Burger, Lemon, Pie, compass etc. Keep mind, if any knife overlaps, then you will fail from level.

1 - Hit the Board and get 1 point.

2 - Hit the Apple and get 5 points.

3 - Lives will get less on knife strike with each other.

1 - Hit the board and get 1 point.


2 - Hit the apple and get 5 points.


3 - Level 5, 10 are checkpoints complete them to restart from the same level.


4 - Game will end if the knife flings with another knife.

Hit the board and get the point

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