Hungry Number

Hungry Number


Are you hungry for numbers? Try this cool online game on Jagran Play for free that takes you on a thrilling ride of numbers.   You have to keep yours eyes open & senses alive to catch up the lowest ones from the sea of falling numbers. It is a pretty amusing game if you enjoy exploring new game titles. You can also try it with your friends over small office breaks! Take a challenge to score the highest & let's see who reaches the highest score before the break gets over. Hungry Number game on Jagran Play is a perfect remedy for your boring break. Check it Out.

1. Catch the lower numbered balls than yours, from the sea of storming balls.

2. Keep track of your ball number as it keeps changing on collision.

3. Avoid colliding with higher or equal numbered balls otherwise the game ends.

1 - Click on the Play Button to Start. 2 - Drag the ball in whichever direction its safe from collision. 3 - Keep a close watch over your own ball number. Pro Tip: Make sure you look over the repelling balls as they easily collide & gets the game over onto this free Hungry Number game on Jagran Play.

Touch Based Control

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