Carrom Clash

Carrom Clash


Enjoy Carrom Clash Game Online with Friends and Family

Carrom Clash is a classic board game on Jagran Play that soothes your gaming urges in a flick of time. Who doesn't likes to play carrom after all? Cozily lying on your couches & with minimum efforts this game is the perfect definion of wholesome game to enjoy on Jagran Play. You can play three different varieties of Carrom modes with online opponents.

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Follow these simple rules to Play Carrom Clash Game Online

Pot the pucks according to the modes you choose between Disc Pool, Carrom and Freestyle.

For Disc Pool: - You have to pot all the assigned pucks(either black or white) before your opponent to win. - If you pot your opponents puck or commit a foul you'll lose the complimentary chance.


For Carrom - Pot all the pucks the red puck+cover before your opponent to win. - After potting the red puck you have to pot another puck immediately otherwise it will come back to the game.


For Freestyle - All the pucks are same. No one is assigned particular puck color. - First player to reach the target score wins the Freestyle Carrom Clash game.

Follow these simple steps to play Carrom Clash Game Online

1 - Click on the Play Button to Start.


2- Drag up & down over the striker to set the intensity of hit.


3- Drag left & right to change the position of striker for better aim.


4- Once you set the aim, set your striker free & it will hopefully pot you a shining puck.

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