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Pocket Champions


Pocket Champions Game Online at Jagran Play

Pocket Champions is a unique romance between Air Hockey & Football where you figure out different sliding moves to score a gorgeous goal. You can set your field settings for both offensive & defensive sets. This online game on Jagran Play is super addictive & wholesome. Scoring a goal after tons of clashes & hitting the feel you get can't be defined in the words. Football couldn't have been more interesting! Pocket Champion not only engages you over playing a tight set of player combination but you also learn to make a smart setting over the field to score maximum goals in least amount of time. Surely, all the football fans will adore this Jagran Play game. 

Simple Rules to play Pocket Champions Game Online

1. You have to score three goals to win the game.

2.  You can create your custom offensive & defensive formation too

3. Choose a good offensive & defensive player formation for your team.

4. You can pass the football to your teammate & grab succeeding chance.

5. Keep in mind the repeling shots of your football & payers to slide good shots.

Simple steps to play Pocket Champions Game Online

1. Click on the Play Button to Start.

2. Choose Single or Double player mode

3. Choose or create your offensive & defensive player formation.

4. Drag over the players to set the aim & intensity of the hit.

5. You can also hit over the opponent's player to protect them from hitting the ball.

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