Idle Restaurants

Idle Restaurants


Preparing foods under a simlpe set up isn't enough we need more don't we? Try Idle Restaurant Games on Jagran Play. It is completely free & you can play for endless hours as this game doesn't let you flop a restaurant just like that! You get to create Michelin Star dishes, manage the incoming of items, their price hikes, seating, belt speed & much more alike a complete head chef. For those food connoiseurs who love spending time with their food & dream to create a tight management around it. This game is a perfect gem! Make sure you are not addicted to this as it is super easy to keep waiting for the money to ris. Along with that you are always looking forward to a hire another chef & see their selection of cuisines offered. 

1. You have to run a restaurant while bringing profits over the foods sold .

2. For sustaining the flow of money you have to manage flow of food, belt speed & chefs. 

3. Adding more items over the plate demands money but it also increases the overall price of the plate.

4. Analysing the profits, player shouild increase overall plate's price, seating belt, & hire new chefs.

5. Don't forget to collect the tips customers pay while being busy preparing food.

1. Click on the Play Button to Start.

2. Make sure you look over the exclamation mark whenever it pops over Chef's head.

3. The items shown by the chef demand a raise over the plate to increase the overall price

4. Based on the frequency of customers, raise the seats, belt speed & price of the plate to make profits.

5. Don't miss the pop messages guiding you over the game.


Pro- Tip: In case of Food Critics arrival make sure your system of food delivery doesn't lag or takes too much time to reach, otherwise you can loose a lot of hard-earned stars.

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