Hexa Dungeon

Hexa Dungeon


Hexa Dungeon is a cool twist of over battle adventure games. If you are bored of such games which only gives you a large set of matching tile puzzels & nothing else? Then, try this twist. Hexa Dungeon is an exciting game on Jagran Play where you smash down gothic enemies while matching the tiles to save your player. As the levels increase more exciting powers & challenging paths come in to play. So wait no more! And try this battleground of survival while sharpening your skills & manifesting your thrills.

1. You have to kill your enemies as fast you can!.

2. You have to match similar colored tiles given in the puzzel.

3. Try making longer combinations of tiles to harness a stronger attack against your enemy.

4. Collect exciting bonuses represented over the tiles in higher levels by matching those tiles.

5. Don't let enemy get closer to you otherwise you’ll lose.


1. Click on the Play Button to Start.

2. Choose the level you wish to Play.

3. Drag over the screen to match similar colored tiles together.

4. As you complete a combination the player will attack the enemy.

5. If you make longer chains of similar tile combinations, you’ll win special attack for the enemy.

Screen Based Control

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