Golf Adventure

Golf Adventure


Golf isn’t everyone’s cup of tea! But when it comes to Golf Adventures on Jagran Play, you wish you hadn’t skipped this “tea”. This thrilling game, test your patience & predicting skills of a shot to its perfection. Doesn’t matter whether you have played Golf before or not! This simple free-to-play online game on Jagran Play definitely rejig your playing spirits & keeps you engaged till the end. Hence make sure you don’t get too much hang of the game that you forget to do all other tasks! Besides different maps & locations of Golf adventures does bind you with exciting energy & motivation. 

1. You have to pin down the golf ball in the last hole with a nearby flag post.

2. A player gets 8 Golf balls or 8 chances to score the final hole point.

3. Pass your golf ball through the 'hexagonal gold coins' to collect exciting bonuses.

4. Make sure your first tee( first shot ) is well placed to reach the end hole in limited chances.

1. Click on the Play Button to Start.

2. Drag backward to set the intensity of the hit.

3. Aim towards the direction you wish to hit & release the golf ball.

4. Avoid dropping your golf ball into the lava or out of the fence to save your chances.

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