Fullspeed Racing

Fullspeed Racing


Do you have free time but it won’t last long? No worries, this Fullspeed racing game will quickly recharge your tired senses in a flick of time! With this fast-paced adventure, the ‘need for speed’ becomes an exhilarating dose to experience! Whereas, you don’t even have to download any high-storage apps, to have a fine tune experience of full-speed racing. Fullspeed racing is an online game on Jagran Play that you can access right from its website. Super amazing right? What are you waiting for? Go ahead drift along the edges!

1- Complete the finish line before the time runs out.

2- Initially you get 60 sec to complete the race.

3- Overtake cars closely to recharge your Car’s turbo engine.

4- Try to reach checkpoints to gain extra time.

5. Drag over the edges to slay a drift scoring more points.

1 - Click on the Play Button to Start.

2- Tap twice on the car to activate Turbo.

3 - Drag your finger over the car to control its steering & direction.

4 - Reach the edges to form a drift gaining extra points.

5-. Avoid hitting over the sidelines, it will slow you down.

Screen Based Control

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