Freekick Football

Freekick Football


Enjoy FreeKick Football Game Online @ Jagran Play 

Are you a football fan? Even if you are not, this Freekick Football game on Jagran Play might make you one! It is an adventurous free-to-play Jagran Play game that not only suffices your sporty urges but tests your mental skills to score fabulous football goals. This online game doesn’t take you through those long hours managing each player. In fact, you just get free kicks to score highest rated marks. You can play it at your friend’s place to have a little relaxing break. Especially during those rainy times when you can’t go out to kick some cool goals. Try Freekick Football, which entertains you with true football experiences.

Follow these easy Rules to play FreeKick Football Game Online

1. You have to kick the football from different positions to score goals.

2. Different locations on goalposts reward distinct points.

3. First three kicks of the game are without any goalkeeper to let you score maximum points.

4. After first 3 chances Freekick Football game guards the goalposts with a goalkeeper. 

5. Since there are only 3 extra lives, you can miss the shot only 3 times exceeding to that you’ll lose game

1 - Click on the Play Button to Start.

2 - Drag over your screen in the direction you wish to aim your football.

3 - You can make it a curve like that iconic ‘Ronaldo Shot’ through a simple curver drag after the hit.

4- Make sure you don’t miss more than 3 hits otherwise you’ll lose the game.

5- You can also buy higher levels of football on scoring higher points.


Pro Tip: Score the highest points in the first 3 chances where there is no goalkeeper to block your goals.

Screen Based Control.

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