Daily Solitaire

Daily Solitaire


Daily Solitaire is a classic card game on Jagran Play where you form a series of combinations of cards from King to Ace. With a side deck of cards to help you form your complete series, this game gets more exciting as you complete your first complete set of King, Queen, Jack, 10 to 2, and Ace. Without betting or losing any money, you can play this simple online game on Jagran Play. There are many other classics that might entertain you. But nothing can match the thrill of Daily Solitaire that keeps your attention & fun over a fine balance. Go ahead! Let’s see who is the King of Solitaire then?

1. Make classic card combinations of numbers in descending order(for eg. 10-9-8-etc)

2. Make sure your King-Queen-Jack is in the right order.

3. If you seem to run out of relevant cards just tap on the free card deck to help you further.

4. Remember, no two similar colored, descending order cards will settle over each other.

5. Try to complete all four series in the least amount of time.

1 - Click on the Play Button to Start.

2 - Drag over your screen to position the cards.

3 -.You can also use hints, reverse or re-shuffle after making first series.

4- Arrange the alternate colored cards in a series.

Screen Based Control

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