Color Burst 3D

Color Burst 3D


    How good are your reflexes? Prettyyy good? Are you sure...Let's try this fun Jagran Play Game of Color Burst 3D. It's a super active game on Jagran Play where you have to smash your ball with its similar colored rings. It can be your free time kick or, even if long hours of work are making you too tired? Give yourself a chilled dose of Color Burst through this ring-blowing game.

    1. Hit the colored ball with its matching colored wall.

    2. Make sure to keep the ball moving otherwise it will hit the different wall.

    3. There are no extra life hence slide carefully.

    1 - Click on the Play Button to Start.

    2 - Drag over your screen, to change the fir

    3 - Once you set the target, set your striker ball free & it will continue its destruction.


    Pro Tip: If possible aim towards the space between blocks. The ball gets stuck in space & keeps repelling till all the blocks are broken.

    Screen Based Control

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