Bolly Beat

Bolly Beat


Bolly Beat is a super fun musical rhyme runner game. For any music lover who is looking to chill out, it is one of the top online games on Jagran Play to enjoy. Bolly Beat has variety of music that plays every time your disco ball hits the notes during the path. Sounds amazing, right? Wait no more. Get ready to groove over the Punjabi Beats,Tandoori Nights, Indian Hiphopper, Desi Trance, and much more fab music. You can even set a small combat with your buddies to see whose gonna last longer over this musical route. Choose your favourite record to play on Bolly Beats and sail through the musical journey of exciting games on Jagran Play.

1. Jump over the musical tiles with your Disco Ball.

2. Make sure you follow only on yellow musical tiles while avoiding the red ones.

3. Collect different rewards blinking over the musical tiles.

4. Bolly Beats has no time limit but you'll get only 3 life lines.

5. Everytime you hit a blank spot or land over a red musical tile you'll lose a life line(shown with hearts)

1 - Click on the Play Button to Start.

2 - Choose the record you wish to run.

3 - Slide right & left over the screen to change the direction of disco ball.

Screen Based Control

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