Q1. What is Jagran Play?


At Jagran Play, we're committed to creating entertaining games and contests. Online skill games provide players the chance to have fun with their friends. We prioritise giving users the greatest possible gaming experience. Jagran Play is a secure platform where users can play exciting games in several categories with their friends and kill their boredom.


Since we at Jagran Play believe that games and entertainment should be available to everyone without any strings attached, we have brought a number of games that our users can play for free.


As of now, Jagran Play offers seven Categories of Games, which are as follows:

  1. Casual
  2. Action
  3. Arcade
  4. Sports
  5. Racing
  6. Brain Games
  7. Board
  8. Shooting

Jagran Play Fantasy is a skill-based game in which you may utilise your sports knowledge to build a team based on player’s performance, pitch analysis, and other factors, & earn real money. You'll get the sensation of being in a real-world competition with actual participants at your fingers.


Our services are available to everyone who is at least 18 years old, however it is the user’s obligation to suffer any potential legal consequences if age limitations are broken. Users must be aware that our Services are only available in India. In the states of Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland, and Telangana, we don't provide our fantasy sports services. Please check the list above to see which states forbid playing the games offered on the website or app. Verifying such details is the user's duty.

Based on the new provisions implied in the Finance Act, 2023, following TDS policy will be applicable on all Jagran Play users effective from 1 Apr, 2023.
TDS or Tax Deducted at Source will be implied at the time of withdrawal and also at the year end.
Under the Finance Act 2023, 30% TDS of net winnings will be deducted front the withdrawal amount and also at the year end.
From 1st April 2023, players withdrawing net winning below ₹10,000 will also be accounted for Tax deductions.

What is Net Winning at Jagran Play?

Net winnings is your Total Withdrawals subtracted from the Total Deposits done in that particular financial year.
While Total deposits means whatever amount player deposited in the financial year along with the opening balance of the financial year.
To understand various scenarios for the application of the aforementioned TDS Policy. Here are some examples:

Scenario 1:

Suppose, if you owned a balance of ₹10,000 in your account on 25 Mar 2023. Then, You decide to withdraw it in your bank account on 5 Apr 2023.
While you haven’t earned anything from this balance so far. Then On 1 Apr, 2023, ₹10,000 will become your year opening balance.
So, No TDS will be charges as your net winnings are ₹0.

Total withdrawals (A)₹10,000
Total Deposits (B)₹10,000
Net Winnings (A-B)₹0

Though, lets say you have the opening balance of ₹3,000 already in your Jagran Play wallet on 1 Apr, 2023 and further you deposit ₹7,000 more on 2 Apr, 2023.
Then, your total deposit will become the sum of both opening balance and newly deposited amount.

Opening Balance (On 1 Apr 2023)₹3000
Deposit (On 2nd Apr, 2023)₹7,000
Total Deposits3000+7000= ₹10,000

Then, lets say if you take out ₹5,000 from you Jagran Play wallet on 3 Apr, 2023, here’s how the TDS calculation will function on your net amount.

Total Withdrawals₹5000
Total Deposits₹10,000
Net Winnings-₹5,000
TDS (Since the net winnings is in negative)-₹0

In this case, you don’t have to pay TDS as the net winnings are in negative or less than zero.

Scenario 2:

But if you net winnings exceed 0, then based on the new law 30% TDS is applicable on your net winnings withdrawn.
For example if you deposited ₹7,000 on start of financial year and your Jagran Play wallet already had ₹3,000(i.e. Opening balance). Then your total deposit will be ₹10,000 (₹3,000 + ₹7,000).
While, on 20 April first you withdrew ₹5,000 and on 30 Apr, 2023, you withdrew an additional ₹7,000 again. Then, your total withdrawal amount will be ₹12,000 (₹5,000 + ₹7,000)

Total Deposits₹10,000
First Withdrawal on 23 Apr, 2023₹5,000
Additional Withdrawal on 30 Apr, 2023-₹7,000
Total Withdrawal Amount-₹12,000

In this scenario, with your withdrawal request of ₹7000,
30% TDS will be applied on the net winnings amount of ₹2,000 [Total Withdrawal(₹12,000) – Total Desposit(₹10,000)].
TDS Percentage= 2000*30/100=600
Therefore, deducting ₹600 TDS, will leave you with ₹6,400 that’ll be further credited to your mentioned bank account.

Total Withdrawal₹12,000
Withdrawal Amount₹7,000
Taxable Amount Net Winnings= ₹12,000 – ₹10,000-₹2,000
30% TDS Charged-₹600
Final Amount Credited to your Bank Account7000-600= ₹6400
Scenario 3:

If you’ve paid TDS on previous withdrawals, then zero TDS will be charged on your withdrawals till your net winnings exceed from your later amount.
For example,
Assuming, if your Total withdrawals in the financial year are ₹20,000
And by far you’ve deposited ₹14,000 in your wallet. Then your net winnings becomes 20000-14000= ₹6,000.
On this net winning your 30% TDS becomes 6000*30/100= ₹1,800
Then, on 15 May, 2023, let’s say your deposit increases to ₹20,000 (in comparison to ₹14,000 in previous month of April + ₹6,000 extra withdraw amount between 30 Apr to 15 May).
Then, your Total withdrawals(in May) = ₹20,000.
Total deposits = ₹14,000 (Till 30 Apr )+ ₹6,000 (Extra deposit between 30 Apr to 15 May)= ₹20,000
Then your Net winnings which was previously taxed ₹1,800 TDS. Here,it will fall into two possibilities.

Possibility 1:

Zero TDS will be charged, till your net winnings in month of May remain below ₹6,000 as you’ve already paid TDS in previous months.
Only if you withdraw up to ₹6,000, no TDS is applicable on your Net Winning.

Withdrawal Amount₹6,000
No tax Applied on Amount in May₹6,000
Taxable Amount-₹0
30% TDS-₹0
Final Amount Credited to your Bank Account₹6400
Possibility 2:

Further if you resolve to withdraw ₹10,000, then TDS will be charged only on ₹4,000 as you’ve already paid tax on ₹6,000 previously. So, on the request of ₹10,000 withdrawal, TDS of ₹1,200 will be charged and the final amount of ₹8,800 will be eventually credited to your given bank account.

Withdrawal Amount₹10000
TDS Implied Withdrawal Amount (as you’ve paid for ₹6000 already)₹4,000
30% TDS on ₹4000-₹1200
Final Amount Credited to your bank account₹8,800
Scenario 4:

Let us say you already paid TDS on the initial winnings during the financial year, but further your net winning reduced.
In this case, on 30 Apr, 2023 following TDS calculation will function on your account:

Total Withdrawals₹20,000
Total Deposits₹14,000
Net Winnings(20000-14000)₹6,000
30% TDS (Till Date)₹1,800

On 25 May, 2023 your deposit becomes ₹20,000 (₹14,000 balance till 30 Apr + ₹6,000 extra amount deposited from 30 Apr to 15 May)
Total withdrawals in that year = ₹20,000
Net winnings= ₹20,000- ₹20,000 = ₹0
TDS calculation as on 25 May, 2023

Total withdrawals₹20,000
Total Deposits₹14,000
Net winnings₹0

Based on the law, you can claim this extra TDS as refund during your annual income tax filing.

What will happen to amount lying in the wallet at the end of financial year?

On this scenario, TDS will be applied on the net winnings by assuming it as a withdrawal for that particular financial year. Left amount will be forwarded to the next year as an opening balance. And as you know by far, the withdrawal from the opening balance is not applicable for TDS in the next year.
For example, let us assume:
Total Deposits in one financial year= ₹40,000
Total Withdrawals in that financial year = ₹40,000
Previously you paid 30% TDS on the winning amount of ₹5,000 as your net winnings = ₹1,500
Then, your Account balance at the end of 31 Mar, 2024 = ₹30,000

Total withdrawals Withdrawals of ₹40,000 + ₹30,000 Opening balance₹70,000
Total Deposits₹40,000
Net winnings (70000-40000)₹30,000
Previous TDS paid on Net winning₹5,000
Final Net Winnings (₹30,000- ₹5,000)₹25,000
Final 30% TDS on ₹25,000₹7,500

Thus, remaining balance of ₹22,500 (₹30,000- ₹7,500) after TDS charges will be forwarded to the next financial year as an opening balance if you don’t take it out. And, in the next financial year this amount will not be charged with TDS as it became you opening balance.

How to Check my TDS history?

Jagran Play keeps record of your TDS history upto last 3 months in ‘Transaction history’ Menu. Here you can access all your TDS deductions and Final Withdrawal amounts. Just visit the Jagran Play wallet section and tap on the view transaction history option.

How and when will I get my TDS certificate?

Jagran Play sends your TDS certificates on every quarter to the registered email addresses in your Jagran Play Profile.
Still, if you’ve got queries, feel free to reach out to us at care@jagranplay.com
Note: TDS Policy is functioned over the introduced/ amended Finance Act, 2023 and the Company reserves its right to modify/ change/ amend the TDS Policy based on the law applicable at the relevant time by the Government of India.