Falaq Naaz Video Quiz

Falaq Naaz Video Quiz


    Before even hinting we guess all the ‘Sasural Simar Ka Fans’ Might have realized who is going to host your amazing Jagran Play Quiz this time! Find a range of quizzes based on comedy, Film legends, Bollywood Trivia & more all in one place with one of your favorite actresses. It's super fun & you can share it with your 'Falaq Naaz Fan group' too. They'll be delighted to enjoy a Quiz night with their ideal! Try it out. Let’s see how far you reach in the score. You can even answer this amidst those long boring breaks while watching TV dramas. Those can even keep you updated & offer you some hints in between your fiery free video quiz of Jagran Play.

    1. Falaq Naaz Video Quiz gives you 2 unique questions in each category of fun, Bollywood legends, & more.


    2. Questions are in the form of MCQs meaning You have to choose one answer out of 4 given options.


    3. Each question of the Falaq Naaz Video Quiz has a time limit of 10 sec under which you should answer, otherwise you'll lose the game.

    1. Click on the Play button to start Falaq Naaz Video Quiz on Jagran Play


    2. Click one answer from the given four options to move further in the game.


    3. Keep track of the timer, because if you exceed the time limit then you'll lose the game.


    4. Once you answer all the questions of the Falaq Naaz Video Quiz, your final scores are displayed at the end.

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