Super John And Jenny

Super John And Jenny


    Start to Overcome various obstacles while you endure distinctive natural hurdles, keep away from the flying enemies in your manner and advance through each level by gathering three keys that will open the doorway to your next level. Remember each level has its boss enemies, which you should execute by bouncing on them to get the last key

    Help John and Jenny get through the strange environment Ordeals Where your ultimate aim is to collect 3 keys placed on the map to open the gateway to your next level.


    Keep in mind the following points while playing each level :-


    1 - Mind the creatures while crossing each level. Colliding with them will decrease your life by 5%,But if you jump on it will die and you will get 2 bonus points.


    2 - Be careful! The creatures and spikes will Decrease 5% of your health and can't be killed by any means.


    3 - Collect the gems spread through the map to increase your score by 1.


    4 - It is important that you collect 3 of these keys in order to open the gateway to the next level. The gate won't open until you have all the 3 keys


    5 - This is your health bar which indicates your remaining health. If it gets empty then the game will end.


    6 - Collect the heart to increase your health bar by 5%

    7 - Each level Contain 1 Boss enemies like this which you have to kill by jumping on them, only after killing the BOSS will you get the Final key to open the level gate.

    1 - Press On-screen arrows to make super john / super jenny move or jump.

    2 - Press Up arrow to Jump, Left arrow to move left and Right arrow to move right.
    Jump on enemies to kill them.

    3 - Need to collect all the keys for level completion.

    1 - Click on arrows to move charecter left and right.


    2 - Click Up arrow to make the charecter jump.

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