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Smashing things up is a therapy in itself. But it's not always allowed everywhere! Worry not, Jagran Play games have taken care of such personal vandalizing needs with this amazing game, Stack Bounce. While bouncing a ball over a set of colorful blocks, you have to destroy one set of colored plates. It’s trickier than it sounds! You must have perfect reflexive control over your senses to begin & stop at the right lates. But, smashing through streaks of plates does feel good. Do you wanna try it? Don’t hesitate, drive right in!

Simple Rules to Play Stack Bounce Game Online

1. Time your taps over a set of colored plates to smash it up & reach the end of pillar.

2. Avoid tapping over black colored plates, it will end the game on Stack Bounce

3. Gaining a successive lead over smashing plates also offers energy boosters.

4. Focus over the rotation of plates to avoid tapping over black plates.

Simple Steps to Play Stack Bounce Game Online

1. Click on the play button to start.

2. Tap over the ball to smash the current plate below it.

3. To smash small set of colored plates just tap twice over the ball.

4. Long press over the ball to create a long streak of smashing.

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