About is a 3D fun game on Jagran Play where you abrob everything that comes in your path. Growing largern-larger you explore many new features of this exciting game. Become the fastest growing player on the land of slimes by absorbing all the glowing crystals & avoiding other slimes who can eat you alive! You get to choose your slime shape & color combinations once you reach higher levels. In fact, new set of features like diving yourself into two slimes or devouring through the crystals is a unique experience that you might not get in any other game. No more bluffing, no you should head straight sliming!

1. Bounce across the land to grow your slime size by absorbig as many crystals as you can.

2. Avoid colliding with other slimes otherwise it will end the game.

3. Gulping down larger crystals will quickly increase the slime size.

4. Use 'dashing' away from the monster slimes.

1. Click on the play button to start.

2. Long press over the direction you wish to navigate your slime

3. Use 'Dash' on screen feature to quickly jump away from other slimes.

4. Focus & Utilise various new features such as 'Divide' offered as your slime size grows.

Screen Based Control

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  • Smile is a fun game i like it it is very good game when ever your mood of then u play this game u may...........


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