Panda Pizza Parlor

Panda Pizza Parlor


Panda Pizza Parlour is a super fun game where a Panda has opened a new Pizza place & you have to fill the cute tummies of customer with delicious pizzas. There are different levels to this game which keeps your engaged & excited for the next order. Whether its about smoothening the dough or listening the charming ring of oven when your Pizza is finally done. Everything gives your a unique kick! It is purely a fun online game on Jagran Play that soothes your hunger & urge to play a fun game. Don't you wanna fluffy Panda once in a while hopping from one place to another? Try it mann! It's a cool game.

1. You have to complete the pizza orders within a given set of time.

2. Follow the basic set of toppings as they keep increasing on each level.

3. First roll out a plain dough, spread some delicious tomato sause & custom toppings.

4. Make sure you put customer's choosen set of toppings otherwise they won't recieve order.

5. Keep track of time & always keep an extra dough rolled out to serve the ucoming customer.

1. Click on the Play Button to Start.

2. Tap over the rolling dough spot to begin pizza making.

3. In case of a mess or wrong pizza order, dump it in the dustbin without wasting any time.



Pro Tip: Make extra dough rolled but don't put toppings becasue sometimes customer only order plane pizza saving some extra time.


Screen Based Control

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