Krishna Jump

Krishna Jump


    On an auspicious celebration of Janmashtami, Jagran Play has arrived with a fun online game for Kanha lovers to enjoy! Unleash your childish-n-mischievous Kaanha and enjoy this Matki Phod game online for free. This Janmashtami, it’s your responsibility to make Lord Krishna elated with tonnes of Matki filled from Maakhan or butter. Just keep our Nat-khat Kanha’s belly full with butter and you’ll win his heart & this game just like that! So ready to steal some Butter guys?

    1. You'll have to keep Krishna jumping & steady over the constant arrival of blocks.
    2. Each block will offer a +1 score & loosing such will make Krishna Fall.
    3. Arrange the blocks in such a way that Krishna reaches Matki without any imbalance.
    4. Once Krishna smashes a Matki, it will start a new series of blocks to reach another Matki.
    5. Follow the same pattern to reach another Matkis full of butter
    6. Smash as many Matki of Butter as you can to help Krishna enjoy his favorite Maakhan.

    1. Tap on, Play Button to Start the game.
    2. Keep tapping on your screen to make Krishna jump.
    3. Keep dodging the sliding blocks & balance your Krishna over all the blocks.
    4. Once the blocks become enough, Krishna will break the Matki to savour butter.
    5. Tip: Let the block side at proper length otherwise Krishna will fall due imbalance of blocks.

    Screen Based Controls.

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    • JagranPlay
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