Fruit Slicer



Unleash your hidden Ninja in this exciting "Fruit Slicer" game of Jagran Play Premium series. Obliterate all the jumping fruits with your finer moves & earn awesome cash prizes. Making a sleek stroke to slice all the fruits in a single shot is definitely a Pro! Move to flex. So, do you have the reflexes of a Ninja to slice these jumping jacks? Yes! Then, hop on to this fun Jagran Play game & slice down all the juicy fruits. Note: You win cash rewards only if you reach the highest score of 12000 points in the paid game.


**Note: To comply with legal guidelines of the Indian Government, Geo-Location Access is Mandatory for all Cash Games on Jagran Play

1 - Slice all kinds of fruits to score.


2 - Avoid slicing over the bombs, they will eat up your life.


3 - Every player is rewarded with 3 hearts as a lifeline to Play the Game.

1 - Click on the Play Button to Start.


2 - Slide over your screen to slice the targeted fruits that jump on your screen.


3 - SCORE UP an additional bonus if you slice 3 or more fruits in a row.


4- Avoid the Bombs, they’ll consume all your lifeline at once & end the game

Screen-Based Controls (Tap and slide through your mobile screen to slice the fruits)

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  • JagranPlay
  • Nice game

  • Alok
  • Sound of fruit cutting is next level of relaxing 😌🥰


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