Crossy Traffic

Crossy Traffic


Get ready for the ultimate test of your traffic-crossing skills with Crossy Traffic! Get the fuffy chicken hop away from accidents and soaring eagles, all while dodging speeding vehicles and rampaging trains. Collect blinking coins to speed up your crossing, and utilise the floating blocks to pass the river drain! Remember, there's no extra lifeline, so a single hit from a vehicle means "Game Over." Click play and hop your way to victory! Pro Tip: Hop a little, but fast, to stay in sync and avoid those pesky cars!

  • Dodge accidents & other moving obstacles by hopping away.
  • Pass busy traffic road without getting squished by the vehicles or picked by the eagle or ramped by the trains.
  • Collect blinking coins amidst the lane to speed up your crossing.
  • Hop over floating blocks to cross the river drain in blue easily.
  • There's no extra lifeline hence a single hit from vehicle will lead to 'Game Over'.

  • Click on the Play Button to Start.
  • Use the on-screen buttons to make the Chicken jump in different directions or you can use your keyboard arrow keys for the same.
  • Hop over logs to cross busy roads easily.


Pro Tip: If possible hop a little but at a faster pace. It maintains a sync while avoiding any accidents with cars.


Keyboard Based Control( Up arrow for moving forward; Down Arrow for moving backwards; Sideward arrows for left & right respectively.)

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