Cake Slice Ninja

Cake Slice Ninja


    Cake Slice Ninja Game Online

    Aren't you bored of fruit slicing games? How about severing some delicious desserts then? Cake Slice Ninja on Jagran Play is an ultimate dessert arcade slicing game. You master your skills in slicing all kinds of pastrie, cakes, scones & what not! Hmmm, surley you'll be drooling mid way of this exciting, fun game on Jagarn Play. Just make sure to slice all the desserts and avoid the bombs to keep going. So are you ready to make an adorable caky-mess?

    For Classic Mode

    1. Slice down the jumping desserts.

    2. Avoiding slicing the black bombs it will end the game.

    3. Don't drop 3 desserts in a row unattended otherwise you'll lose this Jagran Play game.


    For Arcade Mode

    1. Slice down the jumping sweets.

    2. Avoid slicing black bombs, it will deduct -50 points from your total score.

    3. You'll get only 1 minute to play hence slice up as many desserts as you can!

    Follow these simple steps to play Cake Slice Ninja Game Online

    1 - Click on the Play Button to Start.

    2 - Choose the mode(Classic or Aracde)you wish to play.

    3 - Slide over the desserts to slice them up, avoiding the bombs.


    Pro Tip: Catch Yellow, Blue & Pink Drinks to increase the desserts, slow their speed & gain extra 3 seconds respectively.

    Screen Based Control

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