General Business

General Business


Just Like Common Sense is not so Common! General Business Quiz is 'not' so General Afterall. Do you pay attention to those irritating Ads that hop in the middle of your TV shows or online videos? If yes, then, General Business Quiz from Jagran Play Game store is the perfect entertainment break for you. Questions like Complete the jingle Jaise Chai Ke Liye Ek Toast Hota Hai, Waise Har ___ ___ Zaroori Hota Hai! from Airtel Or Which Brand Tagline says- Be 100% Sure? unfolds a fun rush inside you to answer. Then wait no more & try this amazing Quiz of Jagran Play.

1. General Business Quiz gives you 10 unique questions to answer.


2. Questions are in the form of MCQs i.e. You have to select one correct answer out of 4 options.


3. Each question has a time limit of 10 sec under which you should choose one option.

1. Click on the Play button to start General Business Quiz


2. Quickly pick one correct answer from the given options.


3. Complete answering 10 questions of this Jagran Play Quiz.


4. Your Final Score will be displayed at the end.

Touch-Based Controls (Just Click over the Correct Option)

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