PUBG Mobile Tips: Top 5 Hacks On How Not To Die the Game

Posted by Nimi Qaisar | Sep 18th, 2023 18:09 IST

Survival secrets in PUBG Mobile. Try these hacks to Navigate the battleground wisely, and claim your Chicken Dinner with these tips on how to stay alive longer in PUBG.

In the intense battleground of PUBG Mobile, victory often hinges on your ability to stay alive. While taking out opponents is essential, knowing how to avoid getting knocked out is equally crucial. In this guide, we'll share invaluable tips on how not to die in PUBG Mobile, giving you a better shot at securing that Chicken Dinner.

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5 Useful Tips on How Not to Die in PUBG Mobile

1) Awareness and Sound Management:

First and foremost, keep your ears sharp. PUBG Mobile provides audio cues that can tip you off to enemy movement and actions. Pay attention to footsteps, gunfire, and vehicle noises. Adjust your volume settings to ensure you hear these cues clearly. Keep your eyes peeled too – spot distant enemies and potential threats before they spot you.

2) Stay in Cover and Move Smartly:

Cover is your best friend. Avoid running in open fields or streets where you're an easy target. When crossing open areas, use trees, rocks, or buildings as cover. Always prioritize staying behind cover while looting, healing, or reloading. When moving, utilize zigzag patterns or serpentine motions to make yourself a more challenging target.

3) Choose Your Landing Spot Wisely:

Your choice of landing spot can significantly impact your chances of survival. Avoid hot drop zones unless you're confident in your combat skills. Opt for quieter areas with decent loot and fewer opponents. This gives you a chance to gear up before engaging in battles.

4) Gear Up Strategically:

Speaking of gear, prioritize essentials like armor, helmets, and medical supplies. Make sure you have a balanced loadout with weapons suitable for both short-range and long-range combat. Don't carry unnecessary items – keep your inventory lean for quick access to crucial gear.

5) Smart Decision-Making and Teamwork:

Surviving in PUBG Mobile isn't just about individual skills; it's also about making smart decisions and working with your squad. Communicate effectively with your teammates, share resources, and coordinate attacks. Revive downed teammates when it's safe to do so, and prioritize revives over risky kills.

In conclusion, mastering the art of survival in PUBG Mobile requires a combination of sharp senses, smart decision-making, and effective teamwork. By staying aware of your surroundings, using cover wisely, choosing landing spots carefully, gearing up strategically, and collaborating with your squad, you can increase your chances of not just surviving but also emerging victorious in this high-stakes battle royale.

So, equip yourself with these tips, head back into the battlegrounds, and aim for that glorious Chicken Dinner! However, if you wish to get more detailed insights related to gaming, gadgets, esports, and blockchain games you can Download our latest Jagran Play App. Enjoy limitless gaming & more cashback offers at your fingertips. See You on the App-side then! Bye.


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