Fall Guys Clan Of Yeetus Event: Tips to Get All Big Yeetus Rewards

Sat, 08 6th 2022, 12:00:00 AM Posted By Nimi Qaisar
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Description: Grab all the free rewards in Fall Guys Yeetus Event through this insightful guide on Fall Guy's latest event before it lasts.

Fall Guys has been a super addictive game amongst various adults or kids who love cute creations & mind-bending levels to crack. There’s a new event going on in Fall Guys that is rewarding players with cool goodies. For all the noobies who haven’t cracked, what is Big Yeetus? Let me simplify it for you guys.  It is a nickname given to large, white, gold, and pink hammers found in certain levels of Fall Guys. Big hammers are highlighted in new map variants featuring humongous Big Yeetuses and unlockable rewards themed after the hammer. 


Let’s reveal all the tips-n-tricks You need to know about the Clan of Yeetus events to collect all the rewards.


What are Big Yeetus Challenges?


Fall Guys Big Yeetus Event is featuring multiple rounds of different minigames, each with humongous Big Yeetus hammers to battle. Unlike other levels, Clan of Yeetus doesn't have a traditional final round where only one person wins. 


Instead, the final round is a win-for-all event where every player that completes the map gets to taste victory. There are a total of 10 challenges, each worth 100 points. 

The Clan of Yeetus event will continue from July 28 to August 1.


Here’s a list of Clan of Yeetus challenges to win rewards:


  1. Play Clan of Yeetus

  2. Let the hammers hit you in Clan of Yeetus 15 times

  3. Let the hammers hit you in Clan of Yeetus 30 times

  4. Go airborne for 20 seconds in Clan of Yeetus

  5. Go airborne for 50 seconds in Clan of Yeetus

  6. Top speed flight in Clan of Yeetus 3 times

  7. Top speed flight in Clan of Yeetus 5 times

  8. Reach Level 2 in Clan of Yeetus 4 times

  9. Reach the finals in Clan of Yeetus 3 times

  10. Win the Clan of Yeetus show


If you completed all the given above challenges, you’ll be rewarded with sparkling 1,000 points that is required to earn all of the free rewards.


What are Big Yeetus Event Rewards?


List of Rewards in Fall Guys Clan of Yeetus are:


  • Clan of Yeetus Nickname - 100 Points

  • 200 Kudos equals 200 Points

  • Yeetus Pass Nameplate - 500 Points

  • Amazing ‘Aspiring’ Yeeter Pattern - 700 Points

  • Packing Yeet Wearable Backpack - 1,000 Points


You can also buy a full Big Yeetus costume from the store during the Clan of Yeetus event with just 1,200 Show-Bucks.


Bonus Tip!


The Clan of Yeetus event is clashing with the Fall Guys X WWE event. It has a few WWE-themed items in the show. Players can pick up the Undertaker, Asuka, and Xavier Woods from the shop between July 28 to August 1. Each costume is worth 800 Show-Bucks (i.e. around $8). There’s also a special bundle featuring all three costumes along with a special celebration and emote worth 2,000 Show-Bucks only.


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